Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Saint Valentine's Day

My students love singing, that is why I teach them songs as much as I can. This year we have worked on Someone like you, by Adele to celebrate St. Valentine's.  I already knew they would love it as some of them told me so last year. I gave them the lyrics to do a fill in the gaps activity. At first sight, they found it very difficult but as soon as the song started to play they were quite efficient completing the blanks. We are studying the past simple tense so I found this song very suitable to keep on practising it. When we finished the first activity we translated the song writing down the 'special' expressions such as 'never mind', 'settle down' and such. Finally we sang it several times. That was the best for them as it is rewarding being able to sing a whole pop song in English. During this last week and a half they asked to sing it over and over again, they already know it by heart!  I will use this resource for the oral exam as well.
This activity is nothing new but I think that if something works with a group the innovation is not a big deal. What do you think?

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