Thursday, 7 March 2013

Fun games for active listening

Hi, everybody!
I really enjoyed this course!!!!! I have adquired a wide variety of funtional ideas to put into practise with my pupils. Moreover, I agree enterely with the idea  about “acquisiton of a language versus learning”.

On the other hand, my contribution has been though for Primary Education in order to promote pupil´s listening skills and the same time they have fun by using fun games for active listening.
As you know, encouraging children to play mimic games is a fun way to teach them to identify facial expressions and body language, which is a key part of active listening. Such games will promote the ability to grasp and interpret non-verbal communication by means of which  a person acts out the meaning   of a word for others to identify (jobs, transport, weather, clothes...)
Another game that tests the listening ability and encourages children to listen actively is a 'listen and act' game. The rules of the game are quite simple. One person reads a series of instructions to complete a task. As the directions are read out, the participants follow them and try to act according to them. For example, children can be given  instructions step by step in order to draw a monster, perform magic tricks or to draw a room...
I hope you take the most of them!!!

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  1. Great activities, miming games are great, can be very funny (good for the overall rapport of the class) and can be used with almost any age!