Monday, 11 March 2013

Picture tale

Hello everyone!!! First of all, thanks for this nice time we shared and thanks Neda for this useful course.

I´m a teacher in 4th course Primary. They are lovely kinds and at lovely age..My favourite listening and writing game is “Picture tale”. First I give a paper to my pupils. Then, they have to draw in different colours.  I choose a traditional story or tale and I read a short part of it. They have to draw or write all they understand about it and make the pictures for the tale. It´s easy for them because they know the story, but depending on the unit, grammar and vocabulary,  I try to put an emphasis on the nouns, pronouns, adjectives, prominent figures … and they learn and identify each one easily.

It´s a funny activity and they are happy because they understand and they tell the tale with their pictures.

Finally, they show the pictures and  share with the class. Some pupils like telling the story to the others and, so they practice the pronunciation and the different tenses or grammar structures.

Thanks and see you soon.

By Victoria Navarrete Sánchez

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  1. A very nice and creative activity, which gets their imagination working, practises their listening skills and is very rewarding for them as they get to produce something which is their own!