Sunday, 10 March 2013


Hello everyone!
First of all, I would like to say that this course has been very benefitial for me as I have taken plenty of great ideas to try with my students. When we spend a long time with no contact or without sharing ideas with other English teachers, we tend to become monotonous in our lessons and do always the same boring activities. With this kind of courses we activate our creative side again and motivate ourselves to become better teachers and enjoy teaching, which in short is what we all love doing.
I tried one of the activites in class and students really enjoyed it. It was the one using music and writing what each song inspired you.This was with my first ESO stduents, and in order to help them and review the vocabulary they have been learning so far, I gave them different categories, like colour, action, animal, feeling adjective, etc. I played a few minutes of 5 songs and they wrote a word for each category. They really like activities involving music and it's quite relaxing for them.
The songs I used were: Jungle song, life of the ocean by Enya, welcome to Panem (from Hunger games soundtrack), one song from twilight soundtrack and Jason Mraz's Freedom song.
Last but not least, thanks Neda for her time and sharing her knowledge and everyone for your contributions.

Estrella Cánovas Rueda

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