Friday, 15 February 2013


Hello everyone,

I would like to share a link that perhaps is known by many of you but I think that it would be a good support to take into account for your listening sessions with your pupils.
The web is TED and you can use it in several ways.Yesterday was St. Valentine's day and the next link is a speech related to it.
I hope that you like it more than the 'boring' song that our beloved and admired Neda showed at the very beginning of the writing session.Sorry,but you told me off yesterday for leaving before the end of the session and I need the revenge.(Joke)

The link:


  1. Haha, sweet revenge! My telling off was "tongue in cheek", you know you are one of the most punctual and reliable. Nice resource by the way, I use TED quite a lot, too!

  2. A very good resource. You're always so "nerd"...nobody could think that you're missing a minute of Neda's fantastic sessions.

  3. Thank you Charo.I have the enemy at home...