Saturday, 2 February 2013


     As Saint Valentine's Day is round the corner and Neda talked about the use of songs in our lessons in the last session. Why don't we celebrate Saint Valentine's Day with a song?
     I've chosen Adele's Someone Like You which is a hit, probably familiar to our students, as it was n. 1 on charts for several weeks.
     The activity is thought for 3rd or 4th year of ESO, but I'm sure you can adapt it to the level of your students.
     As a PRE-LISTENING activity, I would recommend a mind map. Just write LOVE in the middle of the blackboard and tell your students to say any word related to it. They will probably come up with verbs (get married, fall in love...); adjectives (jealous, divorced...) and nouns (passion, lover...). You'll be surprised!
     As a WHILE LISTENING activity, you can use my hand-out (with answer key) or create your own.
     As a POST-LISTENING activity, you can use a set of questions to discuss, for example:

- How do you feel after listening to the song?

- How does the girl in the song feel?

- Have you ever felt like her?

- Do you think love lasts forever?

- Do you think it is better to stay alone in order not to suffer?

     These are the links: just download them and enjoy your lesson!!
Someone Like You (answer key)
Someone Like You (Adele) MP3
Someone Like You-Adele (lyrics)
Someone Like You (exercises)

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  1. Not only is it a beautiful song but also very appropiate for the celebration of Saint Valentine's Day.
    Moreover, the pre-, while and post-activities are attractive and motivating. Good job!!