Monday, 18 February 2013

Reading books

In third and fourth years of primary education, for reading I use Macmillan Children's Readers books. Children have to read one book every trimester. They don't translate the whole book, they try to understand the idea of the story. They also have a vocabulary list they have to learn. With the CD provided in the book, they listen to the story and practice pronunciation. As they don't have to search every word in the dictionary, they are learning to understand the meaning of the sentence, and how they link words to know the meaning.

I write some books below, for years 3 and 4:
- Real Monsters /The Princess and the Dragon
- Birds / The Mysterious Egg
- Dogs / The Big Show
- Making Music / The Talent Contest

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  1. So, you are doing some "extensive reading" in your own way! It´s very important for students to get used to doing the kind of reading you are describing, a "real life" way to read, and so much closer to the authentic experience of a native reader.