Friday, 22 February 2013

My experience with Neda's Idea.

Hi everybody.
First of all I'd like to thank Neda and Pilar. Neda for her amazing workshop. I'm having a great time and learning a lot. And Pilar for organizing everything so well.
Juan after these compliments I would be recognised with 5 more hours than you.
Finally, my experience.
I've tried one of the ideas that Neda suggested. I had a Reading. A text in the book ( Interface 1º ESO ). It has a Listening. I told my SS to close their books and open their notebooks. I told them to write down every word or sentence that they hear. I played the text twice. First time the whole text. Second time making stops. Afterwords I asked them  which words they've heard and to try to guess the topic of the Text. AMAZING !!!. TRY IT. Sole

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  1. Lovely activity! I bet enjoyed being detectives!