Friday, 2 March 2012

Pancake Day

Hello everyone! Have a look at my 3º ESO students making and eating American pancakes in class. We had a great time.

But first they learnt about Shrove Tuesday and some tradtions, for example, Pancake Races in Olney.

They also learnt how to make American pancakes easily.

Next Wednesday I'll show you some of the activities I prepared to do in class before actually making pancakes.

Pancake Day traditions

Pancake Races
American Pancake recipe

See you then.

Elena Sánchez from IES Averroes.


  1. Very well organised!!!!!
    Chocolate would have been really dangerous in my class.

  2. Great job, Elena!!!
    I am looking forward to listening to your talk next wednesday!!

  3. Looks like they had fun (and you, too)!