Sunday, 11 March 2012

Pancake Day and Carnival

Hi everybody.
Here you have a short explanation about how I worked Pancake Day, and carnival with my Primary students.
  • 3rd cycle (2 sessions)
  • 1st session
    Brainstorming about words related to carnival (costumes, mask, parade, party, fun, clown...)
    Explain them a little bit about carnival in different places and divide the class in two groups.
    Show them both presentations and one group works about Mardi Gras and the other about Shrove Tuesday-Pancake Day.

    They prepare an Open Office Presentation.
    Ask them to bring yellow plasticine, a plastic pan and a mask for next day.
  • 2nd session
    They work in pairs sharing what they have found about carnival for about ten minutes,.
    Show them some presentations.
    Now that all of them know what Pancake Day is, we are going to celebrate a Pancake race.
    They prepare their plasticine pancakes. 
    They wear their mask and HAVE FUN!

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