Friday, 25 January 2013

English Workshop: Listening / Language and Music

Great to see so many keen teachers at the first session of the English Workshop at the CEP in Córdoba, and pleased to find some faces from last year's course, too!

As always, time just flew by and we'd only just scratched the surface of so many interesting and important issues. With this in mind I think it'd be great to use the blog as a place to sound off anything we haven't had time to deal with in depth during the session and an opportunity to get things off our chests...Who knows, they may just be a solution for a tricky situation around the corner.

Something that kept on cropping up again and again was the problem of large classes and the difficulties of teaching language (and not only language!) with sometimes 30 or more students who aren't always motivated. Motivation is of course central to creating a positive learning environment and it is part of our responsibility as teachers to get and maintain our students motivated. But what do we do with those that just don't want to be motivated? Do we persevere, perhaps at the cost of the rest of the class? Do we crack on without them? How do you find the right balance? It'd be great to hear your thoughts on that, so over to you...

I look forward to seeing you at the next session on the 7 February where we'll focus on the reading skill.


This is the presentation on Listening / Language and Music (24th January):

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