Thursday, 26 April 2012

May Day and St. George´s Day - links and afterthoughts

Hi everyone,
Great to share ideas with you all again yesterday, shame we didn´t get time to do any singing but maybe some dancing next time (Scottish Dancing is my next session)...?
I thought I´d point out a couple of links which I thought may be of interest (as usual I will attach the full list of links separately).
Firstly, here is an article on the three traditions of May Day form The Guardian. I think that International Worker´s Day is a good chance to raise all kinds of issues with our students related to human rights. The BBC has some lesson plans  on a wide variety of subjects which come under the umbrella of Citizenship (a subject taught in British schools) - just click on one of the headings on the main page and it will take you to a page with a lesson plan and some other online activities, such as animations, photo stories etc...
You can also watch a short video on the history of Labour Day (USA) here.
If you´d like to introduce St. George to your students, I have included a couple of links to videos in my list and  here is a site which offers the possibility to download visuals for teaching the Dragon Legend (good for younger students).
Enjoy the holiday and see you in May.

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